It’s your original flavor that everyone loves, including you!

When you’re feeling great and you’re connected to the love inside you – everything seems to click.

Your relationships are healthier, you’re more confident, physically and mentally you’re together and you’re enjoying the work that you do, even if it’s not your dream job.

The point is – you’re enjoying life!

But what happens when you slip and move away from your self-aware, naturally authentic, true self?

You give your power and energy over to fear…


Negative thinking, beliefs, patterns and behavior take the reigns and steer you in a direction that doesn’t serve your highest values.

It’s a paralyzing feeling, which gives rise to poor decisions and a lack of clarity and motivation.

You cling to the past or become anxious about the future. You forget about the present – the only moment you have.

And in time, if you choose to remain in this state, it can really affect your ability to enjoy life.

You lose hope that your dreams will never become a reality and the life you truly want to live appears all too far away.


If you’re out of alignment with yourself and life is showing you a current set of circumstances, events and relationships that rob you of energy, focus and love, then isn’t it time to make a change?

Wouldn’t you at least want to try and turn things around, no matter how stuck you feel? Love trumps fear every single second, minute, hour, day of the week!

There’s an opportunity to muster all your courage and look within at the areas of your life that need attention.

An invitation to re-direct your life and breakthrough old junk that robs you of your joy. Your chance to grow bigger, badder, better than you’ve ever been before!

There’s a great chance to come home to yourself. Through self-inquiry, you become better friends with yourself. You discover new revelations about yourself. Inspired creativity, action and insights rise to the surface, all because you were willing and open to seeing life from a different perspective.

You come face to face with the truth. This can be a life-changing catalyst to springboard you to a completely new way of being in the world.


Are you ready and willing to take back your power and create an inspiring vision for your life?

Of course you are!!

There’s absolutely no reason under the sun why you can’t take action towards what gives you joy and sets your spirit on fire.

Say goodbye to old beliefs and conditioning that have restricted your capacity to be happy and make meaning in your life and –

Hello to the brave soul that lives within you that desperately wants to share his/her original flavor with the world.


The trick to breaking through and tapping into the fire within you is asking the right questions.

That’s what you and I are going to do. The real work. The liberating work. The work that changes lives.

There is no greater feeling than guiding you to live your unique vision for the life you’ve dreamed of.

This type of committed partnership of trust and honesty is where magic happens.


– Self-awareness

– Life purpose

– Career change

– Vision planning, strategy and execution

– Overcoming self-limiting beliefs

– Grief/loss mentoring with specific experience in suicide loss.

– Spiritual inquiry

– Creativity


All coaching is done via video-call or face to face in Los Angeles or Sydney when possible. Please inquire.

Full compensation is paid prior to first coaching session and is non-refundable.

This partnership is the real deal and not for the unmotivated. If you need therapy, please find a good psychologist.

If you’re truly interested in becoming my next client – schedule a time to speak below!

**Serious enquiries only. Minimum 12 hour commitment unless otherwise specified**



Alice Field

Alice Field

“Working with Marshall has been a truly transformational experience for me. Our sessions so far have been a process of rediscovering who I am and what makes me happy, reconnecting with my intuition and rebalancing my life. From the first session Marsh created an environment of trust and mutual respect where I feel safe to be open and honest. This has given me the freedom and confidence to tackle so many different areas of my life. We’ve looked at everything from the basic day to day things like managing my time, to the big stuff – the emotions and experiences that I’ve found so painful to look at in the past. His gentle and compassionate approach has helped me to clearly identify what is important to me. The tools he’s shared with me help me to use this knowledge to make decisions that are slowly shifting my life to one of balance and happiness.

One of the best things about working with Marsh is his ability to simplify what can at times seem like an overwhelming and daunting process. He has a practical approach to tackling some of life’s biggest questions – who am I? What do I value? What makes me happy? It’s really important for me to feel heard, and I get that comfort with Marsh. He is able to distill the conversations we have in a natural way, drawing out the important points for us to focus on.

A few months after starting, I have more control over my life and understand myself more fully than I ever have before. He has given me the confidence and the support to face situations that would once have overwhelmed me. Now when I am faced with challenges, I can step back and identify the positives, where I previously would have only seen the road blocks. It’s amazing to me that in such a short time the work we have done has given me so much more satisfaction with the direction my life is taking.  The more clarity I gain through this process, the more naturally things seem to be falling into place.

The impact working with Marsh has had on my life has been huge and I can’t wait for the transformation to continue!”

Geno Studnicki

Geno Studnicki

Marshall has truly helped me to break through on to the “other side.” For the longest time I struggled with so many mixed emotions and thoughts that I was unsure of how to properly express myself and communicate with others. I was consumed with anxieties and fears that kept reappearing in my life and I wasn’t sure why. I had tried therapists in the past but I never felt a sincere connection with them like I did with Marshall he truly cares and his work is POWERFUL!
It wasn’t until I started working with Marshall that I began to see myself in a new light. He provided invaluable tools, insight, accountability, and guidance for how to overcome the challenges I was facing. During our sessions, Marshall pushed me to dig deep, find the real underlying causes for the pain I was experiencing in my life and helped me to shift my perspective so that I could begin real transformation. His gentle and compassionate character allows you to be your most vulnerable Self and open your heart to the possibility of real, lasting change and healing.
People say, ‘investing in yourself is the best investment you can make in life’ and after having worked with Marshall and “investing” in myself I couldn’t agree more! Thanks to Marshall I have broken the shackles that once confined me and am living a more free and fulfilling life. If you are truly looking to make a shift in your life and break free from all you perceive to be holding you back, Marshall is your guy. He will help you to find the truth of what it is that is holding you back and give you the tools and accountability necessary to break through on to the “other side.” Marshall is truly a gift and a one-of-a-kind coach/mentor/friend to have on your side. I am so grateful to have worked with him and HIGHLY recommend him to anyone else looking for real transformation! Thanks Marshall!
Charlotte Hicks

Charlotte Hicks

“I spend hours at the gym, working on my fitness, because I know its good my body and health. But you really forget that your mind actually needs the most amount of exercise – daily rituals that reconfigure your mind, toning up that big muscle upstairs, helping me focus on my vision! I think the best thing about working with Marshall, was understanding the importance of this daily exercise for your mind. Rebooting and re-wiring the way I think, then practicing it everyday – training it the same way I would when I go to the gym. The amount of money people spend on personal trainers, but ironically completely underestimate the return on investment for ‘trainers’ for your mind.

He helped me identify some key subject matters that were distinctively toxic for me. Negative thoughts and conditioning that were self-limiting and impeding what I truly wanted out of life. With some of the techniques and methods he taught me, I’ve help used these negative thoughts as a positive. He’s helped me ‘neutralize’ these negative thoughts and use them to fuel a lot of the positive things in my life.

Its takes some persistence but you can feel the positive benefits from the moment you finish your sessions with him (and wonder how you every survived before it!)”

Zena Nzibo

Zena Nzibo

“I was at a real crossroads in my life when I started working with Marshall. I was stuck in old patterns and thinking that kept me second guessing myself and my life’s direction and purpose. Long story short, my energy was depleted and thinking scattered. And being a mother of two – I needed my energy and clarity! Marshall was absolutely incredible helping me breakthrough disempowering beliefs and replacing them with empowering ones. I gained so much clarity on my past fears and began to see my life in a completely different light. His wisdom, guidance and toolbox full of tricks saved the day. He is a pleasure to work with! I’m so happy I made the decision to work with him – I’m pleased with my new lease on life! Couldn’t recommend working with Marshall enough – he’s dedicated to see you breakthrough and step into the life you were born to live.”

Cihannur Ozgur-Spadafora

Cihannur Ozgur-Spadafora

Marshall pushed my boundaries to live a fearless life, helped me to get more clear about what is and what is not working in my life, helped me get unstuck and encouraged me to take the steps to build a life of my dreams.

Daniel Ucchino

Daniel Ucchino

“If you are suffering from life’s pressures and challenges and you are looking for REAL meaning that will not only bring you to a place of acceptance but ultimately to see the unconditional love and gratitude for the hurdles, then Marshall’s work will take you there in a BIG WAY!!


Marshall is an intuitive teacher with a big heart, but he also has the ability to guide you away from victimhood towards self-empowerment and unshakable inner-confidence. He provides the platform for you to make the much-needed changes in order to breakthrough and change your life! His work will take your from fear to freedom!”

Morgan D.

Morgan D.

“For a time, I struggled after the loss of my brother. I needed help getting my life back on track. I wanted to connect to something more authentic within myself. After a friend recommended me to Marsh – I took the plunge and got on a call with him. As they say, the rest is history.

Working with Marsh has given me the opportunity to come to grips with the reality of my biggest challenges and use the experiences as guidance to rebuild my life. I experienced profound internal shifts with Marsh, which led to clarity and healing in my relationships, career and spiritual growth. Working with him was one of the best choices I’ve ever made. Without his guidance and coaching, I don’t know where I’d be.

Marsh is genuine and openhearted which makes for a comfortable, safe environment. He is very intuitive and knows how to get to the root of a problem and allows you a space to connect to your inner-wisdom in a way that is fulfilling and a big surprise!

As a result, I am now able to live a happier life with a greater understanding of the value of love. I have a greater sense of gratitude in my life and this shows in the quality of my relationships with my wife, son and close friends and family.

Thank you so much, Marsh!!”

Paul Weingarth

Paul Weingarth

“Marshall’s work and message is truly inspiring and transformative. His dedication to aiding people on their paths to healing and personal shifts I have found extremely up-lifting. I would highly recommend Marshall as a life coach – he’s been through it all and has used that pain & suffering as the spark to transformation.”

Amanda Henry

Amanda Henry

“I’ve now gone above and beyond what ever I thought was possible for my life. Working with Marshall is essentially investing in yourself, and that’s the best investment you can make. The process was incredibly engaging and he pushed me to dig deep. All I can say is that the work paid off big time! I discovered personal, professional and spiritual breakthroughs because of the work. He opened me up to explore parts of myself that lay dormant and boxed up. Once I was able to tap into that and move through it, I felt enormous gratitude for my life – even the tough stuff!

For anyone that is serious about improving their life, speak with Marshall…he’s no joke and will help you build the life you really want.”

Kaye Hume

Kaye Hume

“I had been dealing with a few personal challenges for some time and decided it was actually time to DO something about them. So I decided to “do the work” with Marsh. From our first session I was pleasantly surprised how much weight had been lifted even after one session! Fast forward a couple of months and my mindset has completely changed. His techniques, methods and genuine manner along with his passion to steer people on the right path, has created massive shifts in my life. I’m much clearer on my vision for how I want to live my life. I’m a better mum and wife with a different attitude to when I started with Marsh. I’m more focused on how great my life actually is without all the mayhem and pressure I place upon myself! I’d highly recommend Marsh to anyone looking to break the shackles of their fears and reach a higher place of self-awareness and direction their life.”

Will Scully-Power

Will Scully-Power

“Marshall is a strategic thinker, someone whose awareness and consciousness is second to none. His support of to me and my family through our loss of a loved one was truly amazing for which I will be eternally grateful!”