Can you be defined by a vision of the future instead of being a victim of the past? Are you brave enough to make new choices separate from the habitual emotions that keep your body on auto-pilot, re-living the same outcomes each day? Look at your own life as evidence. Experiment yourself with destiny. I believe for the majority of us – we secretly hope that the change we long for in our lives will magically happen without any conscious effort to shift. That one day we’ll wake up and today is going to be the day that I – Discover what I’m meant to do. Finally say no to this career that’s eating my soul. Say yes to intimacy with myself and others. I’m going to be free from the chains of the past hurt…..and so on and so on. […]


Our time on Earth is valuable and should be treated as such. Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed and for a lot of us, precious time is wasted living someone else’s life. You may feel like you’ve lost touch with your true nature. You’ve lost your vitality in a job that stifles you or creates daily misery that is a prison sentence for your soul. Much like staying in a relationship because it’s convenient, sets you up for a fall. Why do we put ourselves through this nonsense? Because we don’t know what we really want and investing the time and effort is too hard. We don’t know where to start looking. We don’t know how and amidst all the questions comes confusion – Ugh, I dunno…Is it wine time yet? Let me just collect my check and get drunk and for a few hours forget that I’m unhappy where I am and the choices I’ve made. Sound familiar? It is your natural inheritance to feel love and to let that be your authentic expression as a human being. Everything else can kindly take a back seat. You are the Number 1 project. But what if the Number 1 project found out that tomorrow wasn’t coming? […]


Where do you dwell in your current situation? Do you choose to align your thoughts with chaos? Or is it closer to love and inner-peace? Are you conjuring the construction of blame and anger? Are you quick to label and judge? Is your first reaction to slip into an unnatural response, not aligned with your natural inheritance – love? Why have unnatural thoughts become so natural? And why have natural thoughts geared towards compassion, empathy, creativity and generosity become so unnatural? So unnatural to the point of awkwardness and unworthiness. Every thought creates form at some level. You have freewill to think whatever it is you like. But have you ever seen for yourself in your own life, the physical manifestation of a habitual mindset based in fear? I heard Marianne Williamson speak the other night in one of her lectures from A Course in Miracles – and a line I recall stood out to me. She said: “In the Garden of Eden is says Adam fell asleep. No where does it say he woke up”. The Course is in no way affiliated with any religious doctrine or dogma – however it does use Christian terms for people’s understanding. What struck me was the second sentence – No where does it say he woke up. […]


You want to look back on 2016 with joy as to how effortless the changes were once you aligned with yourself, right? You’d prefer meaning and purpose over struggle and effort, correct? Now the million dollar question – how do we create that type of meaningful momentum? Let’s start with a shift in focus and get specific. Let’s get to the root of WHY. Why we do the things we do? And why do we want the things that we want? The WHY will always reveal our deep motivations. The next question is – are these motivations really serving my highest values? Are they aligned with my True Nature? Make these soul centered questions a daily practice in your meditation – Who am I? What do I really want? What’s my purpose? What am I grateful for? These questions promote of sense of peace, love, joy and compassion. Although not all the answers may come to you at once – they are aligned with the ultimate goal – self-love, self-acceptance, gratitude and worthiness. The more intention you give to these questions, the more you will receive. […]


Hey everybody! Happy New Year! I hope everyone is having a great holiday season. However, I know for some of you the end of 2015 couldn’t have come any quicker. There’s been grief and there’s been on-going fears that have left many drained and lacking clarity. I wish every year could be the honeymoon year, but that’s not the case. If things were always perfect, we’d have nothing to learn. Change is the one constant and undeniable truth in this world. In 2016, have the courage to learn to move with that change and be that change. Learn to love yourself through the struggle. Have compassion for yourself in the struggle, and allow this ever-constant state of change to flow through you. If we aren’t moving and adapting with the flow of life – we’re in a stagnant, stale pond collecting moss. If you are burdened with your old patterns of belief about a past hurt, ask yourself – how does this road I am walking continue to serve me in my life today? Who am I without these limiting thoughts? Choose a new street to walk down – you have that choice…always. I really want to emphasize the importance of being willing to see things differently in 2016. Be willing to walk down a different street free from judgement, guilt, shame and any other fear based emotions you’ve carried. Be willing to learn what your struggles and suffering has to teach you. The change you seek in your life starts with you. Change can’t occur without your active willingness. You have the courage within you to get brutally honest with yourself. Why not this year for a change, ignore the illusory demands of the ego and step into your own personal power. What lies on the other side of suffering is the freedom you’ve been desiring. […]


It takes courage to crack open a story from the past that you know in the pit of your stomach doesn’t serve you. The fear of what it may reveal is confronting. And that’s the beauty of truth – there’s nowhere to hide. The admission of illusions that you have carried with you can make you smirk in acknowledgment, cry like a baby, shout with anger or shudder in embarrassment (btw – there is nothing to be embarrassed about). Cracking open the story is a huge step towards greater self-love and healing of an old wound. The time then comes to rearrange those subconscious beliefs, create new neural pathways and witness a new way of being – a return to balance. As world renowned healer, Caroline Myss, Ph.D would say – “Energy is power and transmitting energy into the past by dwelling on painful events drains power from your present day body and can lead to illness”. Personal growth requires tremendous change. And change is scary for most people because it demands new thoughts. All thoughts enter our system as energy and produce biological responses that are stored in our cellular memory. When we adopt change and implement new thoughts that carry new emotional, mental, psychological and spiritual energy – we may feel exhausted because it feels like we are living in two worlds – our old way of being and new way of being. […]


I always associated my identity with my physical form. I think this is the case for most people, with the exception of the consciously evolved. Going through a loss I had major difficulty forming or reforming my physical identity. I was uncomfortable in my own skin. I felt awkward especially in any social atmosphere. This physical identity of mine had taken a beating. I could no longer take refuge in this safe place. And this is what can happen when you experience a heavy loss. You may feel a melting of identity and take refuge in other areas, such as the mind. But it can also lead to the realization of your inner-being – the essence of who you are. Once I made that discovery, there was no going back. In some respects it was like hearing the news that your whole life to date had been a lie. The physical foundations of my world crumbled in an instant, like an earthquake causing the solid footing beneath my feet to crack wide open. I had nowhere else to look except up to the heaven’s for help, metaphorically speaking. Literally speaking, the heaven within me – my essence identity is what rose up within me. […]

Movember Radio – Continuing The Conversation

This week marks National Suicide Prevention Week and to coincide with this very important 7 days, I joined Movember Radio to discuss suicide survival and prevention. Click on the link here to listen -