“When the soul wants to experience something she throws out an image in front of you and then steps into it.” – Meister Eckhart. Everyone is here to do something peculiar. Something that is completely original. It’s a secret that only you know. What I believe is that this secret holds your fundamental reason for living; the reason why you were put on this Earth. At this fundamental level, the level of the soul, expression and manifestation of  your secret goes beyond yourself and stretches out to others. That’s what love does. It grows, expands, flows, distributes, shares – it cannot and will not be contained. I believe the secret within you contains the same type of powerful love that brought you here when your mother gave life to you. This secret, again that only you know, only asks for it to be lived, so that it can return and mirror back the love from the etheric field from which you came. […]


Did I grab your attention with the title? Haha, I hope so. Let’s be clear out of the gate – the “meds” I’m referring to is my daily meditation practice. My medicine. My doctor who delivers A-Grade highs routinely without fail. No prescription needed. No come down, only a come-up that’s consistent, clear and up-lifting. Not a bad deal, right? Meditation is like brushing my teeth nowadays – I miss a session and my day feels furry. But when I’m consistent, my day’s about 20% more enjoyable and manageable through any interference. Let me tell you why I love taking my meds… […]


How real are you being with yourself about the price of your inaction? People talk a big game this time of year and come out all guns blazing, but how brave are you to consistently zone in on the long-term game? Is the situation you’re in pretty? What’s your decision going to be to change the reality? I ask because these are important questions. I know if I didn’t muster all my courage and “train the brave” within, I wouldn’t have released a book last year. I wouldn’t have built my client list. I wouldn’t have done media interviews and podcasts. I wouldn’t have done anything that would have taken me closer to how I truly wanted to live my life. […]


Sit down, tell me what happened… “Oh, I wish I just listened to my gut and trusted my decisions. That way I wouldn’t have ended up in this mess.” “I hate my job. I’m stressed and can’t stand the environment. I mean the pay’s pretty good, but fuck I hate it. Makes me feel like shit most of the time, to be honest.” “What I really want to do is work in sports marketing. I wake up everyday knowing that’s what I should do. The problem is I don’t know where to start. What if I fail?” “I’ve put on about 10kg this year. My energy is low and my moods are shocking. I don’t think I’ve ever dealt properly with the loss of my Mum, five years ago. All this stuff is coming up but I’m afraid to face it.” Does this sound like your year? […]


“How real are you being with yourself?” This is a powerful question when you take it seriously and honestly. You may have reached a place in your life where you’re at a crossroads. You’re in the wrong career, but you’re scared to leave. You’re in an unhappy relationship, but you’re afraid you won’t find anyone else. You’re overweight, but you don’t have the willpower to lose it. And the list goes on… I still have these moments. Particular areas of my life signal me to wake up and correct my course before the iceberg hits. The question is – “Am I ready to drop my mask and face my truth?” […]


The universe works in mysterious ways I tell you… I woke up last Saturday at 7am feeling fresh after a deep sleep. I had this urge to get to the beach. I didn’t know why the pull was so strong – but I decided I’d go to Santa Monica. As I was getting ready, I remembered there was a group fitness class my friend was putting on at the beach at 9am. Ah, that was why! I took an Uber to our meeting spot on the 3rd St Promenade and waited. The minutes passed by and still no one. Bugger. I double checked the information on Facebook – I had the days mixed up. It was Sunday morning at 9am. But why still this strong urge to be here? […]


I’ve opened my big, fat mouth many times without thinking and then immediately regretted it. I’m not going to lie, impulsive and reactionary dialogue has gotten me into relationship trouble. Instead of listening attentively and patiently – I can be like a horse in a barrier at the starter’s gate waiting for the bell. I find myself judging. I lose compassion. And the result? Relationship conflict. Later, when I’m relaxed and have returned to my right mind, clarity kicks in. I see clearly how my words effect the person I am speaking to. The good news is, my patience is improving and I’m dodging less relationship bullets. And it’s all because of the 4 Communication Principles below that I’d love to share with you. Read carefully and thank me later after you’re allowed to sleep in the bedroom instead of the doghouse. […]


Everything we do is a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings. But have you noticed we tend to pigeon hole spiritual experiences as isolated events sprinkled throughout our lives. The moment we recognize the opening of our heart and an energetic expansion of our being, where joy, connectedness and heightened awareness wash over us, we excitedly stamp it as this awesome spiritual experience. And no doubt it is. The question I want to ask you is – do you believe you can focus and commit to that feeling of connectedness and love in everything you do? You don’t have to go looking outside for it, it’s within you. You know what you love, just listen to your soul. It won’t lie because it’s the truth. Do you think you could make every experience a spiritual one? Outside of visiting natural wonders and sacred sites, or reading soul nourishing books, or the birth of your child, or the day you got married to the love of your life, or sitting in meditation – and many other moments that engulf you in the present moment because your heart is open…do you believe you are capable of making the “mundane” to-do-lists of daily life spiritual experiences? And would you want that? […]


We experience the most personal growth when there is a beautiful balance of support and challenge. When we are pushed from our comfort zones and propelled to fulfill our highest values, while at the same time offered support, guidance and wisdom by those close to us, the full use of our faculties come alive. Too much challenge and we suffer overwhelm and self-doubt. And on the other hand, too much support and we get lazy and make excuses as to why we haven’t stepped closer towards our goals. In the words of actor Tim Robbins who plays Andy Dufresne in The Shawshank Redemption, “Get busy living, or get busy dying.” When you have a specific goal or intention you are working towards, it’s important to align yourself with the ideal mix for you to have the best chance at success. And to be clear, my version of success is a state of joy, inspiration and greater self-awareness brought upon us from goals that challenge us. […]


This article was written for the Huffington Post and can be also viewed here – Have you ever ignored the voice within you that’s whispered there’s a more purpose-driven life to the one you’re currently leading? Do you sit at your desk in your chosen career and think – hang on a second…does this really fulfill me? Why do I keep ignoring my heart’s desires? Whose life am I living here? I know in my own experience it was a real lack of confidence and belief that I was worthy to receive and have what I really wanted. My passion and sense of purpose was clouded by the herd-like mentality, which I allowed myself to fall into. […]