“When the soul wants to experience something she throws out an image in front of you and then steps into it.” – Meister Eckhart.

Everyone is here to do something peculiar. Something that is completely original. It’s a secret that only you know.

What I believe is that this secret holds your fundamental reason for living; the reason why you were put on this Earth. At this fundamental level, the level of the soul, expression and manifestation of  your secret goes beyond yourself and stretches out to others.

That’s what love does. It grows, expands, flows, distributes, shares – it cannot and will not be contained. I believe the secret within you contains the same type of powerful love that brought you here when your mother gave life to you. This secret, again that only you know, only asks for it to be lived, so that it can return and mirror back the love from the etheric field from which you came.

In a world that’s crazy, frantic, conditioned and distracted – you might have forgotten what your secret is; your medicine for the soul. The question then becomes – how do you remember it?

One way, is through archetypes and symbols – living images. To me, it’s medicine for the soul to tap into your secret. I heard recently that – an archetype is like an old river, along which the river of life has flowered for centuries, digging a deep channel for itself.

These living images are the soul’s language. I recently had an encounter in Central Park with a turtle. I was shooting video by the pond and getting extremely frustrated that I couldn’t get the words out of my mouth. I wasn’t making sense and lacked authenticity in the moment.

After twenty minutes of vulgar cursing to myself I was about to throw in the towel for the day. Then a turtle climbed out of the pond and walked up to my feet. He stuck his head out of his shell and looked up at me as if to say, “what’s all the fuss about, buddy?”

To my surprise, he continued to stare at me and sit at my feet. He wasn’t going anywhere. Then all of a sudden I was awash with calm. Just like that. It was like someone had slipped me a valium. The turtle’s presence transfused frustration to peace in an instant.

As the little guy continued to stare up at me, something strange happened. It was like millions of bits of information connected at once to deliver me valuable insight to be remembered along my journey.

It sunk into me that I needed to stay grounded and connected to both earth and water, wherever my travels took me. I needed to be patient. I didn’t need to hide in my shell. That I could use the collection of my life experiences under my shell to write and tell stories…with the greatest story to tell being my own true tale, that is, the secret within that longs to be lived and shared.

All that in a split second. It was wild and something you’d expect out of a stoner adventure – only I wasn’t nineteen, sitting on a rock with a steaming bong imagining things. The turtle was a living image that showed up right on time to guide me. I knew it, I felt it and gave thanks for it.

So this is when things get weirder and cooler. A week later in my Archetypal Symbolism class at Columbia, we had to do a visual collage exercise. On the floor of the classroom were hundreds of images torn out of magazines, scattered on the floor.

We had to walk across these images mindfully and pick up images that we felt drawn to, whether they repulsed us or not. As I gazed down to the floor, who did I see? An image of the exact same turtle in Central Park, posing exactly the same with his neck sticking out of his shell looking up. I laughed! I couldn’t believe it.

After my collage was complete, I had to research and investigate the significance of the turtle. And of course, the information I downloaded in Central Park that day, matched what I read about the turtle. Side note – there was a ton of information/symbolism on the turtle.

The point being – guidance and signposts are all around us and they live in the form of images to awaken the secret of the soul.

A week later, I received another dose of medicine for the soul. I was at a retreat in beautiful upstate New York with about forty classmates. On the first evening I took a stroll before sunset through the lush green property. I recall feeling inspired and joyful and ready to write my next book. At that time, I wandered under a huge tree and found a giant feather sticking out from the ground.

I have no idea whether it was from a turkey or a hawk (which I had seen an hour earlier). But I was pulled towards it and picked it up and held it in my hand as a writing quill. Again, in that moment, more information came to me which was very obvious. Start writing the book!

As I researched the feather I found that thoughts, intuitions and imagination are often depicted as feathers that are caught up and carried on the breath of inspiration, soaring towards a spiritual vision. Coincidence? Hah!

Want a little extra freaky-deaky? A week later my Mum sends me a photo of some new artwork in her house (pic below). The feather in the middle of the frame is the exact one I picked up from under the tree. Go figure…










Life gets really fun when you open up to it and play with it. Naturally, if you think what I have to say is BS then of course your reality will reflect just that. But having perceived life with fear in the past and looked at what showed up, compared with perceiving with love and observing its opposite, I’ll choose to live in a world that supports me and works with me any day of the week.

Cultivate time to be with yourself. Limit the distraction. Be in nature. Let life speak to you. It knows things and wants you to remember things, like the secret that lives within you that’s dying to be lived and shared.