Did I grab your attention with the title? Haha, I hope so.

Let’s be clear out of the gate – the “meds” I’m referring to is my daily meditation practice. My medicine. My doctor who delivers A-Grade highs routinely without fail. No prescription needed. No come down, only a come-up that’s consistent, clear and up-lifting. Not a bad deal, right?

Meditation is like brushing my teeth nowadays – I miss a session and my day feels furry. But when I’m consistent, my day’s about 20% more enjoyable and manageable through any interference.

Let me tell you why I love taking my meds…

It plugs me into life. I have the opportunity to dial in and make direct contact with my inner-landscape and my connection to whatever power and energy makes this place go round.

It’s personal, it’s sacred and it’s my time to get quiet before the onslaught of information tries to override my nervous system. Through meditation I can be consciously engaged with life as a more balanced observer, without being caught up with the monkey chatter of the mind. In other words, I feel more in my body rather than my head.

When I’m in my head, I’m fast-forwarding to next week, lamenting something I should have done yesterday, my breath is shorter, my attention is swayed easily and overall, I’m less productive.

This also leads to shitty eating habits. When my mind is in overdrive, I reach for sugar and heavy breads and then crash about thirty minutes later, possibly leaving me without the motivation to exercise that day too.

It’s a lose, lose situation. I like the win, win version, which usually pans out well the majority of the time – minus a sugar addiction I’m working hard to control.

So here’s what I normally do…

It’s a simple mindfulness meditation. A mindfulness meditation to me is the practice of focusing my mental state and awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting my feelings, thoughts, bodily sensations and any surrounding noise without judgement. To me it’s a practice of becoming friends with everything around me and within me.


I sit on a cushion or comfortable chair with my back supported, with my hands either gently in my lap or placed on my knees with palms facing up. From there I take 3-4 really deep breaths and exhale slowly.

I begin to notice how my body feels on the cushion or chair, the rise and fall of my breath, the gentle hum of my breath, any sensations, distant noise – literally anything.

I focus on becoming aware of all of it without judgement and make friends with it. That is, nothing can interfere with my state, I tell myself. Everything is absolutely exactly as it’s meant to be….even the Harley Davidson that’s just roared up the street. Yep, make friends with that!

For me it becomes a playful experience. From there, I continue to focus strictly on my breath and the way it feels on my top lip when exhaled out my nostrils. I hold my awareness there and every time I drift (which is often!), I return to my breath.

When I focus on my breath, I will usually slip into a deeper meditative state. I’m relaxed, open to intuition, rooted in my body, connected to my own energy and universal energy. It’s a blissed out state.

Sure the benefits of meditation include stress-relief and feeling more relaxed. But the true purpose of meditation for me, is to move beyond the mind and the body and remember our natural state – pure bliss and joy without intrusion or interference. It’s a chance to explore inner-dimensions with clarity.

The natural state of bliss and joy I mentioned is key to bring into your awareness when you return and get on with your everyday life.

Are you doing things that bring you joy and bliss? If not, why?

Meditation can be a brilliant wake-up call to remind you of your natural state that is always there. The way I see it, all that natural state longs for is to be fed – fed more of what is, not go against the grain and force yourself into states of fear, anxiety and actions that steer you further away from your natural state.

That’s why I love my “meds.” It’s yours, it’s free, it’s natural and maybe the most powerful tool you have available to life a more joyful existence.

Have you seen your inner-doctor lately?

Give him/her a call.

Big love,