How real are you being with yourself about the price of your inaction? People talk a big game this time of year and come out all guns blazing, but how brave are you to consistently zone in on the long-term game?

Is the situation you’re in pretty? What’s your decision going to be to change the reality?

I ask because these are important questions. I know if I didn’t muster all my courage and “train the brave” within, I wouldn’t have released a book last year. I wouldn’t have built my client list. I wouldn’t have done media interviews and podcasts. I wouldn’t have done anything that would have taken me closer to how I truly wanted to live my life.

I had to put myself out there and have faith in whatever happened. That was the double dose of bravery – the necessary action to jump and act of surrender to know things will work out.

My life is still far from perfect, but it’s definitely better. Why? Because I’m a brave bad-ass and I own that. I’m not afraid to fail. In fact, when I do fall over (which does continue to happen) – GOOD. There’s a lesson and a reason. Stand up and keep going.

I remember I had to write down exactly what I was afraid of and why. I had to investigate the worst possible scenarios of my fear and the cost of not being brave and true to myself.

I had to get clear, really clear on what I specifically wanted and why. Without clarity, fear and distractions dragged me in the wrong direction.

I had to focus on the feeling of why I wanted what I did, not the external pursuit without meaning.

I then had to break down my vision into micro-manageable chunks. The small steps and tactics that build the staircase. It’s okay if you can’t see the end in sight, it will become visible by trusting the process.

I had to create accountability. I’d speak to close friends and mentors that kept me on my toes. I didn’t have to divulge my deepest desires to them, but with accountability comes a lack of excuses.

One the biggest things was to surround myself with people that supported my growth. Never let others diminish your dreams. If you want to live your “dream life” then surround yourself with others that are on your page.

Achieving anything worthwhile takes time and that’s where discipline comes into play. If you want to exercise your courage and become a brave bad-ass in 2017 – then you have to commit to the process.

Courage is like a muscle – train it everyday! And see in your mind and feel in your heart the benefits of your daily steps of courage, en-route to living the life you really want.

Do these exercises below and become a brave bad-ass in 2017:

  1. Write down a specific goal for the next 6-12 months. Then come up with 3 creative strategies to achieve that goal. Under every strategy come up with 5-10 tactics to help you map out your actions.
  2. Write down your deepest fear if you take action towards your goal. And then list the emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual cost of not taking action towards your goal for another year.
  3. Write down your vision for the next 6-12 months. Go into as much detail in all areas of your life and give it color. Then refer to point 1 and embrace the daily tactics that will keep your heading in the right direction.
  4. Find someone to keep you accountable. A close friend, coach or mentor and check in with them weekly/bi-weekly.
  5. Expand your network with people that hold the same interests and values. Research networks, associations and communities to help upgrade your skills, education and for moral support.
  6. Do whatever it takes. Action, action, action and step up to the plate. Muster all your courage and look yourself in the mirror everyday and back yourself. This is your one chance at life – why not go after it.
  7. Be grateful for what you have and trust the process. Don’t focus on the hiccups, pick yourself back up and fall in love with the process. That’s where the gold is.

May 2017 see you become a brave bad-ass. Come see me in the comments below or schedule some time one-on-one.