The universe works in mysterious ways I tell you…

I woke up last Saturday at 7am feeling fresh after a deep sleep. I had this urge to get to the beach. I didn’t know why the pull was so strong – but I decided I’d go to Santa Monica.

As I was getting ready, I remembered there was a group fitness class my friend was putting on at the beach at 9am. Ah, that was why!

I took an Uber to our meeting spot on the 3rd St Promenade and waited. The minutes passed by and still no one. Bugger. I double checked the information on Facebook – I had the days mixed up. It was Sunday morning at 9am.

But why still this strong urge to be here?

While I was waiting, I observed a swarm of people at one end of the promenade. There were big marques set up and lines of people who looked like they were registering for an event.

I decided to walk closer and inspect what all the action was about. I had only walked about seventy meters when I saw a large poster that read –

“The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention – Out of the Darkness Walk.”


Now I get it.

Coincidence that I’m about to release Letters to Mitch – The Healing Power of Grief, Love & Truth?

More like guidance. Synchronicity in effect. The universe has your back. It will support you when you are open to receiving. It’ll let you know when you’re on the right track with signs such as this….and it will also deliver to you messages when it’s time to correct your direction.

I signed up for the walk and listened to the CEO of the foundation give a welcoming speech. I had to meet him.

I walked straight up to him after he was done and introduced myself. I thanked him for putting the walk together and let him know about my book and how I wanted every member to have a copy.

The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) has a vetting process they go through with endorsing books, and he told me I’d have to do the same. Stay tuned for how this plays out.

Life working in synchrony is always at play. The key is to become more aware of it in your daily life and be grateful for the signs and know that there is a bigger force at play.

When you commit to your chosen path with all your might and courage and breathe all your love and best intentions into it, you will be rewarded. It may not be what you expected or how you planned, but what shows up may be better than what you could have ever dreamed up.

Stay open to everything and attached to nothing. You just never know where life may take you…