Everything we do is a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings.

But have you noticed we tend to pigeon hole spiritual experiences as isolated events sprinkled throughout our lives. The moment we recognize the opening of our heart and an energetic expansion of our being, where joy, connectedness and heightened awareness wash over us, we excitedly stamp it as this awesome spiritual experience.

And no doubt it is. The question I want to ask you is – do you believe you can focus and commit to that feeling of connectedness and love in everything you do?

You don’t have to go looking outside for it, it’s within you. You know what you love, just listen to your soul. It won’t lie because it’s the truth.

Do you think you could make every experience a spiritual one? Outside of visiting natural wonders and sacred sites, or reading soul nourishing books, or the birth of your child, or the day you got married to the love of your life, or sitting in meditation – and many other moments that engulf you in the present moment because your heart is open…do you believe you are capable of making the “mundane” to-do-lists of daily life spiritual experiences? And would you want that?

I’m hazarding a guess that most people would say yes. Why? Because it feels good. And who doesn’t want to feel good?

So the next question becomes – how? How do I make every experience a spiritual one?

I don’t pretend to have all the answers, but I do know a great starting point.

Ask yourself – what opens your heart?

That’s it…what opens your heart? What opens up the channel within you that gives and receives love? Where the bridge between head and heart is smoothly paved with heightened states of consciousness, such as gratitude, creativity and intelligence. Where are you in sync with yourself?

For everyone it’s different. But it all leads to the same place. Love. Gratitude. The truth. You don’t have to go looking outside for it, it’s within you. You know what you love, just listen to your soul. It won’t lie because it’s the truth.

When you focus on that – then every moment becomes a spiritual experience.

You’re allowed to ignore the conditioned mind. It likes to complicate things and keep you small and in fear. It’s programmed for survival. But what makes us beautiful as humans is that we have the capacity to be self aware & deepen our awareness to the Truth…that is, what opens our heart.

Now isn’t that a blissful state of clarity? Doesn’t that give you confidence to know what to focus on with this life you have been given?

I think so…

So if it’s music, painting, sports, teaching, listening, business, healthcare, travel, accounting, gardening or any plethora of unique combinations that hold the secret key to your heart and happiness – do that. That’s it. Open your heart to what you love and live it. You’ll reap the benefits and so will we.

I don’t know where the confusion comes in. Life becomes pretty simple when you break it down like that. Then the choice becomes yours.

What do you want to commit to with the rest of your life?

Big love,


** Originally posted – http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/what-opens-your-heart_us_5787ed5de4b0b107a2409969