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Have you ever ignored the voice within you that’s whispered there’s a more purpose-driven life to the one you’re currently leading?

Do you sit at your desk in your chosen career and think – hang on a second…does this really fulfill me? Why do I keep ignoring my heart’s desires? Whose life am I living here?

I know in my own experience it was a real lack of confidence and belief that I was worthy to receive and have what I really wanted. My passion and sense of purpose was clouded by the herd-like mentality, which I allowed myself to fall into.

But when confidence is low due to not staying true to yourself, the beliefs you seek refuge in create a false sense of security. And with that comes deep unfulfillment, until you reach a point where enough is enough.

I spoke with a woman on the phone over the weekend whose had a successful career in construction. She is in her mid-forties. She told me that over the past fifteen years she has ignored the voice within her. The voice that’s wanted to be a healer.

Instead of listening to the voice of the soul and leaning into the possibility of an exciting new career, she’s chosen to listen to the voice of the mind.

Who are you to be a healer? What can you possibly offer? You’re too old? There’s no money in it? You’ll be broke and on the street?

I said to her – “Do you think the voice you have ignored is coming from an honest, truthful and loving place?”

“Yes”, she said.

“Do you feel like this is something that comes naturally to you and that there’s a hidden sense of confidence that you have something brilliant to offer?”

“Yes”, she said.

“And how about the voice is your head…what type of place is that coming from?”

“That voice is scared”, she said.

“Imagine what type of fulfilling success you could have if you followed something that was natural, truthful, loving and authentic! Sure, there’s work to be done and the transition may take some time…but do you really want to see another fifteen years go by and wish that you had the courage to listen to what you know to be true?”

I told this woman to look at her life and the actions that she was taking. They were leading to a particular set of outcomes that weren’t working for her. Yes, she had financial stability, but health, relationships and mindset were suffering.

The choice was to change and follow her passion to be a healer. And first things first, she had to shift her beliefs around what was possible for her new life. Could she be defined by a vision of the future not a memory of the past?

I wanted to pass on this conversation because I know for many people this is a real issue. The self-imposed pressure, doubts, fears and insecurities are real. But the difference between those that live their passion and purpose and those that don’t is simply a decision…to follow specifically want you really want inside and take action along that journey.

If you don’t know what you are passionate about, look to see what things come naturally to you. Where do you feel at home in your own body? What topics, actions, skills, talents or behaviors give you joy and energy? Follow that. Give that room to breathe and explore. That is your soul asking to be elevated.

I can tell you from my own experience, communication has always come naturally to me. That is my passion, which has ultimately led to my purpose – to communicate with others how to honor what is authentically truthful to them and how to live it.

That sense of purpose was also discovered through the emptiness or void within me I felt through my twenties after my brother’s suicide. The longing to heal became the most important thing in my life and my desire and passion to communicate that to myself and then to others was what inspired me.

There will be voids within you too that yearn to filled. The invitation is to fill them up with what you truly value – what’s important to you, what you love and what you’re passionate about.

Don’t lose your passion through suffering and struggle that life presents. Choose to see it as a blessing not a burden. Flip the script on your perception and watch your life change for the better.

You can change and fulfill your soul’s purpose. You can follow your passion and live your purpose. If you can achieve success in something you don’t love doing, then guess what – you can achieve even greater levels of success doing something you were born to do.

Listen to the voice that whispers inside you…it’s your guide when you can’t see clearly and it will always show you the way forward.

Why not start today and let this lifetime be an expression of what yearns to be heard. You need it and so does our world.

Big love,