Our time on Earth is valuable and should be treated as such. Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed and for a lot of us, precious time is wasted living someone else’s life. You may feel like you’ve lost touch with your true nature. You’ve lost your vitality in a job that stifles you or creates daily misery that is a prison sentence for your soul. Much like staying in a relationship because it’s convenient, sets you up for a fall. Why do we put ourselves through this nonsense? Because we don’t know what we really want and investing the time and effort is too hard. We don’t know where to start looking. We don’t know how and amidst all the questions comes confusion – Ugh, I dunno…Is it wine time yet? Let me just collect my check and get drunk and for a few hours forget that I’m unhappy where I am and the choices I’ve made. Sound familiar? It is your natural inheritance to feel love and to let that be your authentic expression as a human being. Everything else can kindly take a back seat. You are the Number 1 project. But what if the Number 1 project found out that tomorrow wasn’t coming? […]


Where do you dwell in your current situation? Do you choose to align your thoughts with chaos? Or is it closer to love and inner-peace? Are you conjuring the construction of blame and anger? Are you quick to label and judge? Is your first reaction to slip into an unnatural response, not aligned with your natural inheritance – love? Why have unnatural thoughts become so natural? And why have natural thoughts geared towards compassion, empathy, creativity and generosity become so unnatural? So unnatural to the point of awkwardness and unworthiness. Every thought creates form at some level. You have freewill to think whatever it is you like. But have you ever seen for yourself in your own life, the physical manifestation of a habitual mindset based in fear? I heard Marianne Williamson speak the other night in one of her lectures from A Course in Miracles – and a line I recall stood out to me. She said: “In the Garden of Eden is says Adam fell asleep. No where does it say he woke up”. The Course is in no way affiliated with any religious doctrine or dogma – however it does use Christian terms for people’s understanding. What struck me was the second sentence – No where does it say he woke up. […]