It takes courage to crack open a story from the past that you know in the pit of your stomach doesn’t serve you. The fear of what it may reveal is confronting. And that’s the beauty of truth – there’s nowhere to hide. The admission of illusions that you have carried with you can make you smirk in acknowledgment, cry like a baby, shout with anger or shudder in embarrassment (btw – there is nothing to be embarrassed about). Cracking open the story is a huge step towards greater self-love and healing of an old wound. The time then comes to rearrange those subconscious beliefs, create new neural pathways and witness a new way of being – a return to balance. As world renowned healer, Caroline Myss, Ph.D would say – “Energy is power and transmitting energy into the past by dwelling on painful events drains power from your present day body and can lead to illness”. Personal growth requires tremendous change. And change is scary for most people because it demands new thoughts. All thoughts enter our system as energy and produce biological responses that are stored in our cellular memory. When we adopt change and implement new thoughts that carry new emotional, mental, psychological and spiritual energy – we may feel exhausted because it feels like we are living in two worlds – our old way of being and new way of being. […]