Suicide has impacted my life and changed me as a man. I like to think of these changes as ultimately positive and significant learning experiences along my own journey. At the same time, it’s hard to ignore the lion’s den suicide loss put my family and myself through. Some days I like to revisit the mental images of the past when we were all kids. Life was simple and fun. The sun was always shining. Everything to me was perfect. Death and the kind of death suicide is was as unheard of as another Earth in our solar system and as distant as Pluto.   I don’t like to revel in the past too much, but looking back to childhood and where I am now and where we are as a family since my brother’s death – change is the one constant. For better or worse – life keeps moving. For those that have suffered suicide loss – change is deep, change is scary, change brings about resistance, change isn’t always welcomed, change shifts dynamics and change invites the truth.   I don’t know what my life would look like if my brother was still alive. His death changed everything. For years I would silently curse his name and feel the ever-constant surges of anger pulse in my veins. That was when I couldn’t accept change. That was when I didn’t want to change.   This stuff changes you. I don’t mean it changes the essence of who you are.  But I mean it exposes and unlocks other parts of you that you’ve buried, that you haven’t explored, that you haven’t opened up to or discovered yet. I believe the invitation is there for greater self-discovery, but I understand not everyone wants that. We cling to the past. The past seems safer than today and tomorrow. In the past we could have saved that life we lost…or so we keep telling ourselves on rewind. […]

Movember Radio – Continuing The Conversation

This week marks National Suicide Prevention Week and to coincide with this very important 7 days, I joined Movember Radio to discuss suicide survival and prevention. Click on the link here to listen - https://soundcloud.com/movemberradio/ep-17-marshall-dunn    

13 Lessons 13 Years After My Brother’s Suicide

November 2002 was a month after my brother, Mitch chose to end his own life. Movember was launched a year later. Where there is sadness, joy is never too far away and today I wanted to share with my Mo Bros & Sistas 13 lessons I’ve learned, 13 years after his passing.   I use the word joy because I have no doubts Movember founder, Adam Garone feels a great sense of that with the global movement he has created. Today, I share a similar joy with the work I do helping suicide loss survivors.   Men’s mental health as we know can be swept under the rug. And like Movember, I am on a mission to help change that for those that become lost in the dark, or who have lost a precious life to suicide.   Here is what I have learnt as a suicide loss survivor:   Acceptance comes when there is an inner readiness. When I gave up the mental resistance I was ready to accept my life in the present. Here I could listen to the truth within me. Suffering became a teacher, but I had to be ready. Not everyone is ready under the circumstances. However if you are – strap in for change.   […]