You’re a different person now. You see things differently. You’re struggling and longing for your life to change. You wish things were different. Sometimes you think that being stuck in the comfort of your pain is safer than addressing it. Addressing the pain involves more pain, you might think. Moving towards that change you deep down wish for involves growth. But growth takes effort, courage and surrender. And right now you don’t want to grow, perhaps? What hope is left for me now? How can I be happy again after he/she left us like that? Your grief has an intelligence. Let it tell you know it knows. Vomit it all up, don’t wretch. Open the latch and let the dam spill and spill. Sometimes when all the tears are cried there is no room for anything else except a smile and laughter. True. There is a type of comfort in pain that becomes addictive. It is easier to push what begs to rise up within you and bury it in a corner. Yet that festering pain that you choose to ignore or find solace in will only serve to perpetuate the dis-ease within your heart and mind. The following 9 Keys to Hope & Happiness After Suicide Loss also comes down to balancing your emotions. […]


Your once confident stride has become a fumbling cower. That head of yours that you held high, now looks at the pavement as you walk. You want to hide under a rock and fall into a long winter slumber. Then you are to be woken up with the magic news that the suicide loss you have endured was nothing but a horrible dream. You are free from shame and secrecy! Ugh. If only. ….Our old home is not the same anymore. The walls have crumbled and the furniture has broken legs. The tremor of suicide is off the richter scale and the shameful after shocks keeps everyone in secret. The shame of suicide hits you like a ton of bricks. It drives a sword through the heart and drops you to your knees. You second guess everything. Holy shit – there’s something wrong with us! Our family is f*cking crazy! […]


Do you feel hijacked by your thoughts continuously? No matter what you are doing or where you are – do the questions continue? Is it impossible to see beyond the suicide loss you have experienced? Do you feel helpless, hopeless, traumatized, victimized and forever trapped in a prism of despair?   I can see a lot of raised hands in this virtual audience. And that’s okay because it is completely normal. Remember the path to healing is long and difficult, but the number one step you must take is to embrace life beyond your suicide loss.   Suicide survivors need to know they are valuable and worthy of not just surviving this loss, but worthy of thriving in their new lives stronger, wiser and more connected to the power of love that exists within them   The good fight that is your path to healing is not to be given up on. I know how hard it is to see beyond the fog. It feels like there is no way out. No compass to guide you to dry land. But take it from a survivor that has been through it all with suicide loss and come out on the other side to be living a loving, inspired and authentic life – you need to embrace your healing.   Embrace it because like it or not – this tragic event is now apart of your journey. To deny that it has happened is to deny the lessons and insights available to you towards becoming a more compassionate, loving and purposeful individual. […]