Guilt is an awful thing to carry around with you in your heart and upon your shoulders.   Feeling guilty means that you haven’t explored or processed the bigger picture at play. Your perspective on what you’re feeling guilty about has no balance.   Where you find intense responsibility, will always be its balance of the innocent truth close by. And there is no greater sense of guilt than after a suicide loss. I know…I carried it with me for many years.   Sure I miss him and will always love him. But now I honor him instead of carrying him. I honor my own authenticity within and in turn that love honors his life.   Walking through life with this attachment to continuous guilty thoughts soon impacts on how you act. These active choices based off of guilt develop as patterns and eventually effect your way of being in the world. It feels like baring a cross to your own crucifixion. It’s a type of handicap that limits your ability to access and feed yourself joy.   […]


The diamonds I refer to are your own. The shiny, precious diamond that is your soul. That authentic, loving, invisible but powerful presence that is individual to you. That which is apart of the universal whole – your source of creation.   That source of creation is complete. It is always full-circle. It is the birth of everything and the death of everything all at once. You are always complete even in the face of death. You are being born and you are dying every second. Science will tell you that we as humans lose 10,000,000 cells every second. We lose ten million cells and then we gain 10,000,000 cells. Something so powerful is loving us in every moment – giving us life. That invisible, all loving energy/source/God/whatever you like to call it never fades, never sleeps. It is always awake, it is us that falls asleep to what is.   But let me tell you – there is nothing scary about the diamond that exists within you. What scares you is – just how shiny this diamond of yours really is! The reality that you may be so much more powerful, creative, magnetic and loving eludes you… When we lose someone we love – a physical presence is taken from us but the diamond-self remains. In the face of death it is very difficult to see, know and love this. Even more difficult if the death is a suicide – an act where the mind has dimmed the sparkling presence of the diamond within. That diamond becomes buried, only to be dug up again and allowed to shine through the act of death. The vast majority of us will never take our own lives, thankfully – yet many of us will continue through this life never acknowledging the diamond that exists within us. […]


Did I just hear a pin drop? Yes, I did. Someone just said the word suicide. We better leave the room.   There’s no quicker way to make people extremely uncomfortable than to talk about suicide. I thought being the start of the week here in Los Angeles, what better way to start than to do some cleaning. That starts with pulling out what’s under the rug and letting go of the silence suicide presents.   From the start – my work has been about giving a voice to the untold stories and experiences of suicide survival. There’s millions of us out there and it’s my vision to connect with as many people as I can to do a few things –   – Shift people’s attitudes towards death and ground them in appreciation for their lives as they exist NOW. – Let people grieving know they are not alone in their suffering. I want to penetrate the isolation that people feel in their suffering. – Help people use these life-changing challenges and voids to unlock their highest values and return to an elevated self-love within them. – Help people process their emotions of guilt, anger, shame, blame, isolation, loneliness and other forms of fear to access the benefits and service they have served along their path. – Provide insights and spiritual nourishment in the hope of inspiring others to heal on a deeper level after loss and really go on to thrive in their “new lives”. […]


There is no greater challenge in life than growing from grief. And there is no greater void felt when you have lost. I have met many people whom have experienced loss refer to feeling “empty inside”. There’s no argument there. But what if life’s greatest challenges and voids were windows into living your most inspired, creative and authentic self?   I have been inspired by the work of Dr. John Demartini and his balanced perspective on life. His teachings (along with others) have greatly shifted the direction and purpose of my life. From a one-sided living hell of ingratitude for the challenges and voids along on my path, I have begun to embrace and appreciate a balanced reality, gratefully opening my heart to life as it truly is, not as I wish it could be. The life of delusion.   Your greatest voids create your highest values. And your highest values lead you to feel grateful for the synchronous balance in life – both pain and pleasure, challenge and support – that brings you closer to fulfilling what is most meaningful.   Too often grief can keep us in an imbalanced state. There is a refusal to see the blessings in these challenging times. The reality is – our world is built on balance. There has never been a pleasure without a pain, a gain without a loss, an acceptance without a rejection, a risk without a reward, a sadness without a joy and so on.   […]